Tradition on new roads

The Polo Club Düsseldorf plays an important role at the continuity and development of the “game of the kings”. Our highest target was through extensive reconstructions to make the fascination polo more vivid and unique for our visitors – and this we reached!

Polo – means precision, passion and absolute trust between human and animal. We from Polo Club Düsseldorf know what the oldest team sport in the world makes so special. After 44 years and extensive reconstructions the club shines in new glory – and offers the polo sport a unique platform in the north of Düsseldorf.


We pay attention on highest quality. Either at taking care of our horses, our equipment or the choice of our members: we do not go for less. Our attention to detail is noticeable – on our area and our behaviour.Our spacious connected area is unique in Germany. Kalkum forest´s beautiful landscape invites to discover and learn the many opportunities of polo.

More important than money? - individuality

We value our members a lot and mind to secure and improve the quality of the matches. This is the reason for prioritizing quality and personality in our club. Our engine is the passion for the sports. Thus, it is important to awaken this passion in beginners.

Try it out and get carried away by the allure of polo at a good Düsseldorfer Alt beer or a Mate tea! Everybody valuing true sportsmanship in good companionship is welcomed.A direct motorway and international airport connection ease the arrival. Pre-knowledge is not necessary. Your polo adventure has no barriers anymore!

belonging to the polo club

3 grass fields (2 full-size fields, 230 × 123 m)1,4 km horse racing courseRiding hall (20 x 40 m),Outdoor riding field (20 x 60 m),Lunging ringSolariumWinter paddocksown polo academy


Polo & Reit Club Düsseldorf e.V.

The Polo & Reit Club Düsseldorf e.V. has had its home here since the beginning of 2021. The club was founded with the primary aim of giving the stallholders, friends and fans of the PCD a community and to promote equestrian sport.

It is important to strengthen the cohesion of the members with various events such as lectures, tournaments or joint asado evenings. In addition, we are not only a member of the Düsseldorf Equestrian Sports Association Pferdesportverband Düsseldorf e.V. but of course also part of the DPV e.V.

FAQ – Polo Club Düsseldorf

The first records are from 600 B.C.

Yes. Under certain requirements it is possible.

Yes. You may watch our championships or visit us at our club chukkers. Ask us for our times.Please, stay in the labelled areas in our club.

Yes, but there are certain requirements. Further information on request.

Yes. Book this about our academy or request form.

No. There is no upper limit.

You can obtain all kind of equipment through us.

This partnership offers members of both clubs to play in the other club without any additional green fees.

No. Only if you want to play a championship.

Do you already know?


We offer polo lessons around the year.There is no previous knowledge necessary.

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